Sonic Pi in the Stack Overflow blog

Hey everyone,

The Stack Overflow blog just posted a nice article about Sonic Pi. Hopefully it will help to raise more awareness about our lovely community :slight_smile:


This is a really great article. It gives a good description of the birth and early years of Sonic Pi and its development and whets the appetite with the vision of exciting developments possible in the future.

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Be sure to comment on the article, Robin, this is an excellent chance to bring new
people in.


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Just done so Eli. Se you have too.

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I went looking for this person who lives in Finland, making Heavy Metal
with SP, just out of curiosity. Sadly I didnt find them.

However I did find AnkytG’s youtube track ‘Dopamine’ which I beleive
he posted here about 2 years ago…

I also found a reference to something called RusticFlare/Forge
which appears to mod SP to help create Metal tracks.

I searched the forum for it but couldnt find any relevant posts,
so I’ll add it here.

To quote from the Github page:

‘Forge is a live coding language for generating heavy metal music. It is based on Tidal and built within Sonic Pi.’

I’m sure we’ve got some metal heads amongst us… so maybe
this will be of use to them. :slight_smile:


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I saw forge forever ago when I wanted to try my hand at making some Trap/Metal beats, but I never got to play with it.

Thanks for reminding me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Finnish metal person was someone I saw on the twitter stream a few years ago. They were using guitar samples and heavy kick drums in very tight loop.

It sounded amazing.

Sadly I don’t have a reference to it either :frowning:

It’s working! I found Sonic Pi through the Stack Overflow blog yesterday. :grin:

I’m both a developer and a musician so it was really easy for me to hit the ground running. I’ve already had a great time programming music with it.


Welcome! i hope you stick around for a long while :slight_smile:

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Me too, here from Stack Overflow :slight_smile: Unfortunately I’m a programmer with no musical background but I am interested to explore the structure of music!

Plus it’s an excuse to learn Ruby :slight_smile: