Sonic Pi - How to be a better DJ?

Hi There Guys/Gals,

I’ve been practicing for the last couple of weeks and words cannot express how cool i think live-coding is. I have done all the tutorials (including the mehackit) and now am practicing everyday to write code.

But I am VERY far off from performing live. I do want to mention that I have performed as a guitarist in a band called Orange Grove (iTunes Available) for many years. But live coding is very different.

I try to watch all @samaaron performances and I love how compact the code looks… Sonic Pi is definitely the best documented coding software in the world. But I would definately love a vid/tutorial on performing live. I guess they all are because you can see the code… Anybody out there have a good share maybe? Or maybe I need to practice a hell of alot more!

Happy Coding

Hey there @lowtidefy,

Granted, I don’t follow every single Sonic Pi related blog or video channel, so I might miss something, but as far as I know, there aren’t really any in-depth videos or tutorials specifically aimed at teaching Sonic Pi live performance techniques, aside from the few sections in the official Sonic Pi tutorial.

There are topics elsewhere on this forum that describe various helpful techniques - for example:

Something that may be of interest: there’s talk between several folks and I of the possibility early next year of putting together a ‘live coding with Sonic Pi’ video course. If that ends up happening, including a video about live performance techniques sounds like a good idea. We’ll share more if/when the plan comes together :slightly_smiling_face:

In the mean time, you definitely have the right idea by watching others live coding, and keeping up the practice. These are definitely the most helpful in the absence of thorough teaching material :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Ethan,

Thank you for this great reply! Gonna go explore that category and article!
“Live Coding with Sonic Pi” video course would be awesome. One of the concepts that was difficult is the cue/sync concepts.
But after some research I found that you have to create “a listener” live loop: Here DJ Dave shows that masterfull and by the way this is a great video featuring @samaaron

My congrats by the way Sam!

Will keep on practicing and thank you again @ethancrawford !

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I don’t know about your experience with other coding languages, but SonicPi is vastly below avarage when it comes to documentation

with which code langage do you compare sonic pi ?
The sonic pi documentation is correct and the ruby langage doc can answer your curiosity

Currently working with Racket. On a seccond thought though, there’s probably much worse out there that I just haven’t encountered. While there’s certainly improvements to be made, SonicPi’s doc does its job. Calling it far below avarage was unjustified and harsh. I apologize.

tell us more about Racket language ? can we do some music with it ?

I use racket for this year’s Advent of Code challenge. It’s similar to excell formulas. While it does have midi and wav libraries, it doesn’t have a live coding environment and it doesn’t come with the many handy music theory functions that SonicPi comes with.

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Hi! did this video course ever end up being made ?

Hi @beost,

I’ll be working on a video tutorial series early in the next year. I need to find new ways to financially support my continued work on Sonic Pi - so making and selling a video tutorial series feels like something that will benefit everyone!