Hello from Paris ,France ,looking for friends who make strange music

Hello everyone
First of all I want say thanks to the community and the sonic pi team, because I learned a lot by reading you and I think that without this forum, I would have given up

I started using sonic pi 1 years ago. I had never made music or coded before
Today I’m rather proud of what I’m capable of doing

I created this topic because I would like to meet people who have the same passion and especially French people. So that we can exchange tips, bits of code, do projects together…

I have some contact in the events at Paris and I would very much like to organize an algorave .
I am also thinking of creating an association in order to be able to share my modest knowledge by organizing workshops.

Here is a workout that I have done recently, it is not the most interesting musical production that I have done, but there is a visual generated with hydra which makes the video more fun to watch

[Link]( https://youtu.be/p570I5WKAc0 )

'm not fluent in english and i hope you will understand me.


C’est donc permis d’organiser des événements «en présentiel», à Paris? Ou on parle d’algorave en ligne?

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J’aimerais faire ça en présentiel .Pour le moment je ne crois pas mais cet été je pense et j’espère


Salut ! Parisien également ! Je ne pratique plus trop sur Sonic Pi mais je passe sur le forum de temps à autre pour me tenir au courant. N’hésite pas à m’envoyer un MP si tu as du nouveau concernant l’évènement que tu souhaites organiser.

TLDR for english speakers: I just said “hey! I’m here”.

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Je suis à Perpignan, pas la porte à côté… Donc juste un petit mot pour dire coucou!