Great text to wavetable in Vital

One of the nice inclusions in the new Vital synth is a text to wavetable generator, which works well with Sonic Pi.
vital details here


I have posted this already, but then Vital was not yet released: Whoever wants get some overview about this synth might want to watch Sonoj 2019: Vital.

Thanks Martin Nice video. I must say it is a very versatile synth. I’m enjoying using it.

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Cool @robin !
@robin strikes again !
is the free version is enough to get some fun with that wavetable synth ?
your code is available somewhere to play with it ? If you want to of course.
best regards

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I think you need a paid for version to generate your own text to wave, as it uses a paid for google api to generate them (hence the need for a working internet connection). I think the Plus version I think you have a limit of 5 generations per day and it is unlimited in the pro version. Of course you can upload and use existing wavetables in any version.

The code I used for the video is below. You can download a copy of my preset (including the wavetable) here

#Vital "text to wave" driven by Sonic Pi by Robin Newman
set :kill,false #flag controls program finish
live_audio :vital,:stop #stop and start fresh live_audio
sleep 0.5
live_audio :vital,amp: 12 #boost incoming signal
at 21 do #set up finish time
  set :kill,true
sleep 0.5 #allow live_audio to set up
use_midi_defaults channel: 1
#sequence of chords to play
n=[n1,n2,n3,n4] #chord sequence in a list
live_loop :tester do
  t=[1.95,0.42].choose  #select just vital or whole phrase
  ch=n.tick #get next chord
  ch.each do |nt| #play notes in chord
    midi nt,sustain: t
  in_thread do #play drum roll synced to chord
    k=sample :drum_roll,amp: 3
    sleep 0.9*t
    control k,amp: 0,amp_slide: 0.05 #fade out
    sleep 0.05
    kill k #kill sample
  sleep t #sleep for duration of vital or whole phrase
  stop if get(:kill) and ch==n4 #stop when n4 next completed

You have to loopback the audio from Vital into Sonic Pi live_audio.

ok thanks @robin.newman for sharing and your details. Not sure i will explore this synth myself or maybe one day who knows.
cheers and it’s always a pleasure to read your “trouvailles” (finds in english) !