Hello from Seattle! I'm Caroline

Hello all :slight_smile: I found Sonic Pi looking for tools for a project kind of similar to https://www.imaginando.pt/projects/harpa-laser . Since I’m still scoping out that big goal, in the meantime I’ve been using it to break out parts for my ritual song circle - which is heavy on people who like singing and light on people who can sight read, so a tool to help them learn by ear is very, very useful.

I’m definitely in the Shiny New Tool phase but I can’t wait to play with it more!

Edit: d’oh! forgot to link code: https://github.com/cewillis001/sonic-pi-compos/blob/master/skye%20boat%20song/OverTheSeaToSkye.rb


Welcome @dirtycarrie :slight_smile:

A harp laser that controls Sonic Pi :thinking: there’s an interesting project!
Glad you’re enjoying Sonic Pi. Plenty of folks here on in_thread that I’m sure would be happy to answer any questions you might have as you go along.
Had a listen to your composition: sounds good! I had to run it twice in Sonic Pi to get it to play though - the first time it tried to play the various phrases before they’d ended up being defined. (You could make sure the phrases are always ready to be played first by moving their definitions up above the places where they are actually used).

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Hey @dirtycarrie,

it’s lovely to have you here in our community. Great to hear that you’re already using Sonic Pi within your song circle. I’d love to know if there are any aspects of the system that could be improved for your use cases.

Also, it’s fab to hear about your larger ambitions with lasers! Really excited to see how far you progress with this and how Sonic Pi fits into these plans - again, if you stumble across any obstacles I’d love to know about them.

Thanks so much for supporting the project on Patreon - your support is truly enabling me to focus all my time on continuing to care for and grow Sonic Pi. Thanks!

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Thanks! It’s not lasers, exactly, I’m more interested in using biological signals to control the music (heart rate -> bpm is a good example). harpa is a great inspiration for the tool chains involved though.

And thanks for making such an awesome tool, man :smiley:


@ethancrawford order of definition matters, then? Good to know!

Hello Caroline. Lovely to have you here with us. Your aspirations sound super interesting! As for making things work, I think OSC would be a good place to start for communicating with Sonic Pi, since it’s supported out of the box, and can transmit numbers and strings (and what more does one need anyway).

Looking forward to seeing the cool stuff you’ll make :slight_smile: