Hi from San Francisco!

Hey folks,

I’m pretty new to Sonic Pi, although I’ve played around with it a bit to create chiptune-like compositions, for example Satie’s Gymnopédie No. 1:

I’m ESPECIALLY interested in generative music, which I think will be one of my main uses for Sonic Pi. I might also do more compositions, but entering notes has been a pain, so until I can figure out how to generate a list of notes/frequencies from a USB musical keyboard, I’ll probably stick to generative/ambient stuff :slight_smile:
Joining the forum now to get some guidance on data sonification!

By day, I make videos about hardware for Hackster.io, and I’d love to incorporate that more with my passion for music!


Hey @alexglow,

it’s so lovely to welcome you to our community :slight_smile:

Love the sleepy Satie piece and thanks so much for sharing the code with everyone.

I completely agree with you that manually entering notes can be a pain right now, and I do have plans to make the creation of “code riffs” simple and fun. Our so-called “Time State” system which stores all incoming and internal events is already half-way there. I just need to implement a way of saving/loading a sequence of timed events. All in good time (pun intended) :slight_smile:

There are already a number of folk here who have already done some data sonification work so hopefully we can get you up and running soon.

Also, great to hear you might be interested in incorporating musical things to your Hackster vids. Do let me know if I can help out with this in any way :slight_smile:

Happy Live Coding!

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BTW, I totally forgot to thank you for supporting me on Patreon. It means such a lot to me - especially during these difficult times. Huge hugs!

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Aaahhhhhh, for sure!! Happy to support, and I’ll definitely be in touch on the video background stuff.

Exciting to get a reply from the OG :smiley:

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