My album 'Synapse' - A journey through lo-fi breakbeats and uplifting electro jazz

Hi Sonic Pi’ers!

I’ve released another album thanks to Sonic Pi being so awesome, it’s over here:

And the source code is here:

Thanks for listening, let me know what you think.



Congrats - listening now!

This is really good stuff. Did you use Sonic Pi for all of the tracks? I think I’m hearing some custom samples (maybe?) but was the whole thing sequenced with Sonic Pi?

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I like it! Reminds me of the 90’s. Coldcut, Kid Koala, Ninja Tune. That stuff.

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Many thanks both!

@darinwilson, thanks so much for supporting my album on BC. It was all done using Sonic Pi apart from some external editing and mastering. The ‘sequencing’, if you take a look at the source code, was achieved by running blocks of defined loops together in an array using Ruby’s ‘send’ method.


Ah - ok, I see now that I’m looking at the source. That’s a cool way to do it!

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Totally awesome tracks! You must teach me these programming techniques :smiley:!

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Thanks for posting this. I’m a newbie and have just finished the tutorials. I’m using your code to learn more about Sonic Pi. Thanks for posting. Your music is great.

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Thanks @Hotetsu. I’m no good at teaching but you can grab the source code from the link above and play around with it - Hopefully it will help you with your own creations.

@PiEaterAndPlayer, I’m pleased that you’re using my code for your learning! There are loads of other great techniques in this forum as well, so you should search around and find what fits your workflow.


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It’s really nice, I love it! Great tune there! I notice your “block-way” to compose the form, and it’s really interesting. thanks for sharing, now I will get a closer look and try to understand this ruby’s send function.

Congrats from my side , too. I especially like “Circadian Rhythm” :slight_smile:
Keep it up.


Noice! Just found this. Going to dl the zip file and take it apart. I’m especially interested in seeing how to create some of your sounds.