New mini-album out! (Algo-rock with Sonic Pi)

Hey All,

I have an album out called “Burnt Sienna Is My face and Other Facts Of Life” where all the music instrumentation is live coded in Sonic Pi.

It’s also on Spotify, Apple music, etc (Released through distrokid for maximum number of services and for mechanical licenses for two covers).

All the code is available on github in two repositories so please feel free to use any of it- - This one has individual functions (melody lines, basslines, chord progressions) - This one has the code executed for the various sections of music (timecodes are there as reference)

Let me know if guys have any feedback or would want any clarifications regarding the music/code.

Hope y’all enjoy it!


Hi Joshua,

that’s an impressive piece of work! Thanks for sharing. If I may say so: Besides the well arranged SP stuff I really do like the voice (yours, right?); the timbre reminds me of David Sylvian. Last but not least I do like the cover art :wink: .


David Sylvian! That is a huuuuge compliment (I do in fact sing on the album). Thank you so much for giving it a listen! Incidentally, the cover art was made in GIMP (since I am open source max :upside_down_face:).


Good evening @tig3rbabu,

Bravo ! i do appreciate the atmosphere and your voice makes a lot !
Sonic pi is an orchestre itself and you knew how to get the best of it.
clap clap clap
Respect !

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Congrats on your debut Sonic Pi album release :+1:

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That’s the first reference that came to my mind when I heard Joshua’s voice: David Sylvian!

Very well done, @tig3rbabu, great arrangement and super interesting vocals.

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