Suggestions for a new sonic pi workshop?


What would you like to see (and listen) in a sonic pi workshop?
I’ve been acepted to deliver one at DevConf.CZ 2023 and would love to take your input.


I’d be interested to see multiple people jamming synced over the network.

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Here are some things I’m intrigued by and starting to explore. I’m not sure how much of this is already out there, as I’m still reading sort of basic theory on most of them:

  • microtonality, non-diatonic chords, non-classical/western scales (not sure exactly what to call them but there’s TONS of scales)
  • granular synthesis/sampling
  • automated scraping/cleaning of web data, general methods for data sonification - network traffic would be interesting too?
  • more advanced randomization methods – there are a handful of great posts here on markov chains that I learned a ton from; would love to use this as a way to learn more math, modeling, etc.
  • cryptography, musical cyphers &/or riddles
  • interactive music / visualizers
  • stuff to connect with sonic pi (similar to above - I am currently deep-diving with Bespoke & pecking away at Hydra - I think the three together have really amazing potential).

I am still pretty green to all of this, but this is essentially what’s on my “to learn” list, now that I’ve crossed my first series of milestones. I’m not sure how much of this is really relevant but I’d be super excited to see a deep dive on any of it! (Also anyone who cares to drop links on any of these topics or pm them – :heart:!!!)

Congrats on securing a spot in the conference, I really look forward to seeing what you put together! Would be happy to help workshop stuff too, I’ve done tons of academic presentations and educational workshops, but on a completely different set of topics.


The xenharmonic scales/modes for sure. Let’s make microtones more popular.


Wow, that is awesome, thanks!
I’m starting with the real basics as i get deeper into it…
Here’s the repo if you’d like to join in!

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What are you wanting from us? Should we just fork the repo and put any sonic pi stuff we like on it?

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I’m open to contributions widely, especially from more experience players.
Currently, i’m struggling with creating a practice path to help people go from “beeps” to “tracks” to “music” to “performance” …

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I’m craving a dev workshop, to interrogate and share ideas and best practices and comparing and collaborating… and also very interested in seeing what’s been done before, and what worked well, and what didn’t…

midi clocks, and wan parties… TBC :pushpin: