On Sam Aaron getting gigs

Hey @samaaron, during the live session #1 that “getting gigs” mention kind of stuck with me.

It seems a little tricky to find good live show material online. Is there stuff that’s out there? Something that might serve as a band press kit?

If I google around the material seems to be mostly around the teaching/speaking aspect of your work. Which is awesome, but I could definitely see being hard to explain to someone trying to book a nightclub act.

Is it time to revamp something like http://meta-ex.com/ ? Maybe time to up the theatrics a bit? :wink:

I have a few friends in the music/academic/technology space so I’ll keep asking around and see if any good ideas fall out.

Hi Mat,

yep, you’re absolutely right. I haven’t put much energy into a ‘press pack’ for my shows at this stage. I feel I’m still working out what it is I’m doing, although I guess I will be doing that forever!

However, I do feel like I’m starting to hone around a particular setup and have plans to produce an EP in the short-medium term. I should also start putting together a web page similar to http://meta-ex.com which doesn’t just share my performance ability but my speaking/workshop skills too.

I need to get onto it. Until then, the best vids you can share are:

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Sorry for the fanboyism here, but I must say, that that ‘ambient electro set’ is a total fav of mine. Always, when I stumble on it, which I seem to do often, I need to listen to it completely. It’s awesome, and has such an amazing flow.

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Fantastic! And thanks. I’ll share these around and let you know if any interesting ideas come up.

And yes, I think defining an act is an ongoing process.

I’ve always been a supporting musician, never the lead man. But any act I’ve been involved with has always changed pretty significantly over the years.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with :smile: