My first live coding set

I just recorded and uploaded my first live coding set:

What do you think about it?

It sounds really good. I like how the music moves from the simplicity at the start. It’s a shame I can’t see the code behind the trippy visuals though.

Hi @chris.krakou

Thank you very much!

I uploaded the code to GitHub (initially I didn’t want to, because the code is crap) -> and added a short explanation what you need. The kicks are commented out - so when you run the file you will have the simple sound as you saw in the video. By adding some kicks step by step and change the value of variable a you get the harder sound.

I know, from a coding perspective this track is no rocket science - but I guess it’s ok for the beginning. :smiley:

Happy live-coding!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping it simple, especially at first. You don’t start out on the guitar by shredding metal solos. Practice makes perfect.