A recording of my first live coding set (also featuring live improvised vocals)

Hey everyone!

I thought I’d share my first live coding performance (it wasn’t fully live coded from scratch but I was changing parameters as I went). It was for an experimental night we have in Melbourne, Australia called “Make it up club”. All my vocals were processed inside Sonic Pi with effects such as reverb, echo and panslicer.

I’m Ethiopian and so you might hear some samples and vocals from me in my native language Amharic. Side note: would love to suggest the addition of Ethiopian Jazz pentatonic scales, I use them a lot in my other work and frankly they’re beautiful!


Hope you enjoy <3


Really lovely stuff, thanks so much for sharing with us all :slight_smile:

With respect to Ethiopian Jazz pentatonic scales - that’s definitely something I’d love to see added if possible. Do you happen to have any links to a formal description of them?

For example, do you mean the Ambassel scale? Are there any others?

Ambassel scale - Wikipedia.

Thank you for listening!! Really appreciate it. :smiley:

That’d be amazing! This resource is good: Music Theory
However, it mentions the use of pure temperament instead of the equal temperament of Western music, not sure if this is hard to program? Is there a setting in Sonic Pi to adjust the overall temperament of a piece? as I could see this could cause some difficulty in working with chords which may be in the Western equal temperament… I’d be happy to get them in the program either way!

There is also this youtube video (from 2:49), which does a great job of describing the intervals between notes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13DgDatNg8A&ab_channel=JeffDinglerBass

Thank you so much!

Hello! Thank you for sharing this beautiful atmospheric track. We needed some time to listen properly. You have such a gorgeous voice - loved it! Congratulations on your first live coding set - mine is still a long way off, v inspiring :smiley:

Thank you so much! Really appreciate it, and wishing you the best for your first one too - its so fun!

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