So I performed an ambient set

Last Thursday I played an ambient set at my university’s open mic night. It’s my second live show ever, and the first time I’ve performed alone (last time had a visual artist as well). Feedback, both for the music and my stage presence, would be much appreciated.


Hi Chris,

nice show. You were quite nervous and had a bit of bad luck with your external device. I would most likely not use an external device to not include anything easily breaking. There were some great sound textures in your song. I liked the bass and the percussioning in the mid part. Would be interesting to see a full prepared song from you instead of live coding. Giving you more time to concentrate on different parts of the song with nice arrangement and development. You make some really good dark sound textures:)
Hope to see more from you.


I was quite nervous, yeah. Basically shaking throughout.

In terms of the synth, I think there has been a regression in the latest version, since it worked perfectly in 3.1. It starts crackling when you have live-audio and midi messages in the same code (I haven’t tested with different buffers). The timing remains the same, it seems. I’m not going to stop using the synth, since it gives me a lot of possibilities with the sound that I don’t have with the internal synths. Maybe I should get a mixer and an external effects unit, so it doesn’t have to run through Sonic Pi.

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Live Coding before an audience is really not easy:)
Keep it up. Hope the problems get fixed.