Sam's Live Set on Byte

Hi @samaaron, saw your live set on Saturday, wow that was fantastic. Energy up, down and round the houses - a full musical journey. Thank you.

We were wondering about your setup - maybe they quizzed you after, but I didn’t see that. I’d love to know how you do the visuals, which were a big part of the experience.

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i second that ^^ …

I need to start up the monthly Patreon live streams again - that would be something interesting to show and talk about.

Essentially I am projecting some VJ video loops onto myself and the wall behind me. I then use OBS to mix the video streams of a camera recording this (facing me and the wall) and also the Sonic Pi screen. I also use a couple of the OBS filters to mess with the colours and to do the “green screening” to make the Sonic Pi app background transparent.

I also have additional cameras and views programmed that I am yet to integrate to my live sets (learning how to control everything once is a slow process for me). I also want to move away from VJ loops to something more procedural and generated by the code. But again, it’s baby steps and slow careful progression. I’ll get there though!


Thanks. That’d be great, the live streams.

Ah, I wondered if it was projecting on you in real life, or if you were combining three streams: you, the VJ loop and the Spi screen. Looked great at this end. One of the talks earlier was on Hydra, and I’ve lept on that as a source of visuals. I also never knew I needed a glowing split keyboard, how could I have missed that?

And then…much speculation on the chat about how you were using the Moog behind you. Were you sending individual midi notes over, or triggering sequences? I couldn’t really see and TBH I wanted to sit back and enjoy the show.

One of my sons watched your set with me - this is his territory he’s really into IDM - and he declared it to be first rate (or some phrase like that, didn’t really understand)