My new project, "Terminal Void"

Hello folks

So I have been live coding for a good year or so, and I have decided to try to make a name for myself with the music I make. I have posted some of what I have made here previously, but never a direct link to my channel or anything. So check it out on Facebook for updates, or my YouTube channel for what I have recorded so far.

I don’t know what the policy on blatant self-promotion is, so if a post like this is in poor taste I’ll take it down. And thanks for the encouragement and feedback I have received from you guys. As cheesy as it sounds, I wouldn’t have kept up without the support.


Hey Chris,

Lovely stuff! And yes, self promotion is absolutely encouraged around here. Let’s all be proud of what we do and share it with joy!

I always think that sharing is better than keeping things suppressed. No matter how unfinished or “bad” you may think something is - you have no idea who might be inspired by it and what it might lead them to do. Some of today’s most celebrated works of art were initially thought of poorly. So don’t worry and share, share, share!


Been listening to “Machineries 1” and you’ve definitely created some pretty epic dark machine noises. Love it.

What are you using for the visuals in the video?
I love how the code and video are mixed.

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Thank you for the kind words.

I’m using Kauna for visuals, which is an implementation of the Milkdrop library, and I’m running one of the stock visuals which cycle through pictures randomly from a folder you specify. Then i found some gnarly pictures (a lot of H. R. Giger stuff in there), and there you have it. Magic tricks are always more boring when they’re revealed :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be super cool to make my own visuals in VSXu and control those from a MIDI controller while I perform, but that’s a project for another time.

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VSXu looks really interesting, thanks for the tip.

Another question - how do you blend Sonic Pi and Kauna visuals?

Kauna just runs in the background after a minimal setup (basically pointing to the folder it should look at. All GUI). It’s like any other application, sort of like if you had a movie running in VLC. Then I go into Sonic Pi’s settings under “Visuals” and adjust the transparency so you can see Kauna though the editor. It’s super easy to blend.