Live Coding "One Take" - A YouTube Series

Hey sp crew,

I’ve been creating some video content for Youtube during the month of April… They’re more “live produced” than live coded per se… this is how I use Sonic Pi during live shows

I’m posting the third video in the series tomorrow at 12:30pm BST/ 7:30am EST/5pm IST and you can take a peek at the other two here:

Episode 1 - “Accio”
Episode 2 - “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”

I want to create more tutorial-like content and I’m all ears to suggestions/requests. let me know what you think! :smile:


I really enjoyed your music. For future videos, I’d be interested in seeing you build things from scratch, into songs. Even if the videos are longer.

I’m not sure if this is answering your question, but If your voice was a bit higher in the mix, like your ‘Boy’ video, that would make it easier to hear the song as a whole.

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It sounds great! Like @PiEaterAndPlayer said, try to push your voice higher in the mix. It’s sometimes hard to hear your sing. Really like the arrangements and the overall sound-design.

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I was thinking of doing just that for the month of May! They will definitely be longer… but maybe I’ll post a couple videos for each song (i.e. a “making of” video where it starts from a blank screen and then a one-take format for a listenable song). Or just one long as heck video with time codes in the description so you can skip through different stages… ouuuu you got my wheels spinning now!


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Done! Gotta figure out the mixing and mastering… right now my process is very ‘jugaad’ :blush: