Sonic Pi Monthly Challenge #5

Hello Sonic Pi’ers!

It is time for challenge #5 and this time it is simply 5 minutes of live coding.


  1. Live code for 5 minutes – That’s it!

  2. You may use the built-in synths and samples or use external samples; it is up to you. The style/genre is also up to you, but you must make the performance at least 5 minutes ( 10s either side will be okay :slight_smile: )

  3. Post the code and video into this topic and tell us a little about your creative process.

The deadline for this challenge is 28th February.

Code and audio links will get added to the challenge repo

Happy live coding :robot:

Would you define " live coding " ?

Record yourself live coding in Sonic Pi for 5 mins using something like OBS Studio, then upload the video to Youtube/Vimeo and share here.

In a nutshell:
Open Sonic Pi > Start recording your screen and audio (OBS) > Start coding and making some music > keep an eye on the time.

That’s tough, it takes me about 4 times that time just to plan what I’ll be doing…