Krautrock like music

I’ve made project few years ago involving krautrock like music. In retrospect the sound wasn’t really like krautrock music that is known. And I now want to start building more krautrock/post-punk (different I know) music with Sonic Pi. Overal I’m not really finding lot of examples for these styles of music to experiment with and change alter until I get something I’m satisfied with and in the mean time helped me understand how to create this myself.

As I am not from origin a musician,so it’s hard for me to grasp how to achieve this in Sonic Pi based on musical aspects.

I rather refrain myself from what anybody suggest and is to look at AI to achieve this.

So if there are any artists with knowledge of this and has the time and wants to help me.

I’m all ears! :slight_smile:

You can find some nice examples on this forum from time to time which mighn’t be exactly krautrock but sound more organic / experimental. I think they could be a good start.

Here are few threads I spot recently.

YT 230929 0101 Exploring vowel krush and big reverb draft 01) by @Relaxnow

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Falling in love with gverb by @Relaxnow

Haunting Sines Interplay by @robin.newman