Krautrock like synthesis

What should be in the synthesis of sound to create krautrocklike sounds.

I have no background in music learning. But a little sound synthesis with max msp.

Any help would be appreciated!

Do you mean Kraftwerk like ?

More like Neu. Popol vuh, Harmonia - orwurm like sounds. If you know these?

Hi dewildequinten,

you need to be way more specific here. Specific song, specific timestamp in the song and a small description of the sound. For I hear Table drums. Simple flute synths sounds sustained and shorter flute synths with reverb for example. Most likely the flute synths are just fitting sine/beep chords.


@minced_mind Sorry for my late reaction.

Your link is majorly what I want actually.

I’ll search for some other examples.

But I’m already interested how to create these flute synths/table drums.

The table drums were a typo, it’s tabla drums and is already included in Sonic-Pi as samples.
For the flute part, you can look at
Hope, this helps you.
You can start for the flutes with something like this:

with_fx :reverb do
  synth :tri, note: :C5, amp: 1, attack: 0.1, sustain: 1.0, release: 0.1

Samples are :tabla_*


This is the flute I used in a piece about a year back.

use_bpm 80
set_volume! 1

use_random_seed 242424
set_volume! 5

flute = scale( :a4, :minor)

with_fx :lpf, cutoff: 40, res: 0.05 do
  with_fx :hpf, cutoff: 60, res: 0.05 do
    live_loop :flute do
      use_bpm 10
      with_synth :pulse do
        use_transpose +0
        use_synth_defaults attack: 0.125, sustain: 0.5, release: 0.04
        play flute.tick, amp: 3
        sleep 0.1
        #add a little tremor in the note
        play flute.look, amp: 2.5, sustain: rand(0.25) if (spread 3, 8)
      sleep 0.5

Tri or pulse both work well.


Thanks! And definitely need organs!? Lots of organs with distortion?
I’ve looked up some music explanation pages and read about the usage of organs.

@Eli your little sketch is a good starter to set a tone! Thanks

Organs have the typical squarebox amplitude envelop in sound synthesis. So you can create quite a lot nice organsounds through simple sound synthesis, e.g.:

define :my_organ do |my_note, my_sustain|
  my_release = 0.2
  with_synth :sine do
    play my_note, sustain: my_sustain, release: my_release
    play my_note + 12, sustain: my_sustain, release: my_release
    play my_note + 2*12, sustain: my_sustain, release: my_release
    play my_note + 3*12, sustain: my_sustain, release: my_release
    play my_note + 4*12, sustain: my_sustain, release: my_release

my_organ :C3, 2


Cool thanks!

I also found the exact style I’m going for!

I want to create somewhat similar soundscape. It needs to be less musical and more soundscapy.

I wonder how they create the hissing spacy semi ritmic composition. I would like to have a layer like that at the back and add the organs and flut examples that I altered already…

These are mostly e-guitar sounds with lots of reverb and a splicer for the rhythmic effect. You can use many different short sounds like plugs together with lots of reverb to create a similar atmosphere.
Play a bit around with this to create your own nice creations :slight_smile:


How would I approach these thing, creating e-guitarsounds or using samples and altering them on the go.

Splicer a sonic pi effect?


for e-guitarsounds it would be easiest to get and use samples. You can change them up with equalizer, reverb and echo to get a fitting sound. Splicer is an integrated effect of Sonic Pi (:splicer) which is very versatile and can be used for many different things (chopped up sound, tremolo, …).
I hope, this helps you a bit to get into the right direction.


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I haven’t worked with samples yet in that way. But thanks for the advice.

I have 11 cases in my project so I surely can test the sample splicer in one of them :sweat_smile: