Hello This is AnkytG


This is Ankit Gupta from Bangalore.

I’ve used sonic pi to create some songs and uploaded them to my youtube channel :slight_smile:

here is the link to the metal song I’ve coded using sonic.


Hi @ankytg,

welcome to the Sonic Pi community from my side! And thanks for sharing this special tune! I havn’t heard something like that done with Sonic Pi yet.

Allthought it is not exactly my type of music I can well acknowledge that you seem to have put in a lot of work. I do have one question: Did you record the guitar by yourself?


Hi @Martin,

Thanks for appreciating :slight_smile:

To create this track I downloaded guitar chugs from the link below.


I also wrote some other songs which you might like…

#1 Tabla song <mostly done using tabla samples / a fusion song>
Invasion Tabla
the image shows mixture of islamic and hindu architecture

#2 Ambient Indian Fusion Song
Images from a 1500-year-old temple in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh

Maybe you can also let me know the genre you like :smiley:



ok, thanks. I will check it out later as I won’t have any time the next days to do so.

I have some tracks made with Sonic Pi on Soundcloud and some more or less livecoded stuff on Youtube. I am definitely more into ambient. I also do like minimal techno and things like that. Though I don’t feel like I could describe what I like just by naming a few genres…

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Welcome to the Sonic Pi community!

It’s fab to have someone coding metal here. I loved listening to your track and look forward to hearing more stuff soon :slight_smile:


Hi Ankyt,

I’ve been wanting to dabble with Eastern-influenced beats since I heard a previous track…
Let me see if I can find it…

My normal taste is more: Jazz, Fusion, Ambient, Soul, House, Hip-Hop, Motown, but
I’m open to anything that lifts my heart…

Welcome to the SP forums.


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