Joining from India

Hey Everyone!!
So I discovered Sonic Pi a month ago through a workshop conducted at The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai . Although I couldn’t actually sit for the workshop, I was quite fascinated by the idea. So I was hoping for sources for learning to live code with the help of tutors or even a workshop (most preferably within Mumbai or Pune).

P.S. I have gone through the tutorials included in the application.


Hey! Welcome. It would be great to see productions from the Mumbai live-coding community. After reading the tutorial, you may be interested in looking at all the pieces of code posted by people on this forum. It’s a great ressource to go further.

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Hi there, welcome to our community. I do hope that you stick around for a while and I look forward to seeing what kinds of things you get up to with Sonic Pi :slight_smile:

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hey @thirdrow !

so cool that you tracked down the sonic pi community!

i facilitated that workshop at India’s last Algorave. i live in goa but travel to mumbai quite often so let’s connect. my email is

in the meantime, sam worked with mehackit to develop an interactive tutorial module that a lot of participants really respond to:

do check it out (if you haven’t already)


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Thank You for the warm welcome!
I’ve noticed you’re one of the most active members on the forum anyway I’ll be sure to follow your advice.

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Hey there @samaaron,
This is a lovely software you’ve created here! Although getting it to run on my laptop was quite a hassle, I have somehow managed to make it work by reading your replies on other people’s query. I’ll be sure to make some content and post the same. However in the meanwhile, I’d also love to learn the technical aspects of Sonic Pi (as in it’s MIDI based application and what-not) and hence would be glad to know how to do the same.

Hey @raia,
I’m quite sorry for replying this late, but I had a lot of stuff going on and got too busy.
I mailed you some queries if you don’t mind!