Hello! Sonic Pi and code clubs

Hello everyone! Great to see such an active Sonic Pi community on the internet.

I’ve been a programmer for many years and over the past 5 years have been mentoring kids at various code clubs, including the Brighton Coder Dojo.

I’m particularly interested in how kids move up from click and drag programming
in Scratch to something typed at the keyboard and have been exploring learning
frameworks in Python, and very recently Sonic Pi.

I think whatever programming kids do, getting immediate feedback and having
environment that encourages exploration is key. I think Sonic Pi gets this just
right :slight_smile:

Personally I’m also interested in how I can hack Sonic Pi to work the
way I want it to, or even just to explore alternative coding approaches. I’ve
spent sometime exploring Overtone and Clojure and am looking forward
to see what Ruby can do.



Welcome to the community Eric !

Do let us know how Sonic Pi intros go with your code clubs… there are some useful resources out there already :slight_smile: