Introduction - Gisbert Schürig

Hi, I´m a musician/music teacher based in Berlin.

I have diverse musical interests such as overtone & throat singing, guitar and music software and I´m happy to perform and teach this stuff.

I have been toying around with Sonic Pi for some time now and I´m really enthusiastic about the options it offers since version 3.0.1.

I´m most excited about being able to create generative musical structures within a framework designed to be used by children. Not because I teach music to children, but because of my own limitations in understanding complex code.

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Hi Gisbert,

welcome to our community :hugs:

I was only recently in Berlin giving a demonstration in a bar there to a number of interested locals - so I’m pretty sure there are a few others nearby who are also just starting and would benefit from meeting and sharing ideas.

I’m also happy to hear you’re enthusiastic about the features in v3 - I am too! I think the ability to work with audio and MIDI in and out is really exciting and I’m really looking forward to seeing what people do with this new functionality. It would be truly great to hear what you do with it when combined with guitar and throat singing!!!

Anyway, it’s lovely to welcome you here. I hope you find a sense of comfort and value with this community. Please do get involved and feel very free to ask any questions you want :slight_smile:

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Hey Sam,
thanks for the warm welcome! I actually noticed you were performing in Berlin but unfortunately could not make it there…

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Shame! Hopefully there will be a next time though :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that would be great!

My journey towards Sonic Pi…

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This is lovely to read - thank-you for sharing it :slight_smile:

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Thanks! To be continued…

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…and some more, to whom it may concern. (general musical thoughts, no direct usage of Sonic Pi)

Towards electronic minimal improvisation: the imitation game