Is autotuner still working?

Hi there! I was trying some fx but I cannot make the autotuner fx working.
I tried any example even the most simple but I can’t have any sound (but turn the mix param to 0 will make the sound but without the fx). I’ve got this issue with sonic-pi 4.5.1 on MacOs (intel et apple chip) and Windows.
Does this fx work well with you ?

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I seem to have a problem getting it to work too; Sonic Pi 4.5.0, Sonoma 14.4.1.


I fed it a variety of material, pitched/unpitched samples, and synth pitches: no sound. I never use it though :wink:

I am also facing this issue can you please explain more about this or I need to update.

I must admit, I’ve never really used the :autotune FX - it was created and contributed by @xavierriley about 4 years ago I think.

I just had a quick play and couldn’t get anything sensible out of it, so perhaps something has changed wrt SuperCollider to break the synth?

I tried it on version 4.4 of SP and it seemed to do something with that. Nothing on 4.5.1

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That’s curious because v4.4 in June 2023 and the last release of SuperCollider was Feb 2023 - so it’s unlikely to be an issue with that. Will dig deeper.

I’m still lurking in here - happy to help if I can

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Hey @xavierriley - if you have any thoughts on why it’s not working that would be super useful indeed!

Not sure. It might have been a self build of sp4.4 with an earlier supercollider. Away from computer concerned so can’t check just now.