About Sonic-Pi and scsynth.exe

Hey guys, please note that I am new in programming, so my question is bound to have some stupidities either in a wording level or in some logical level, but please bear with me.

I’m working on adding some functionality to Sonic-Pi as my master’s thesis project. This requires me to receive audio from an instrument or sample in Sonic-Pi, process it in some external app and redirect it back to Sonic-Pi for playback, or even further processing via FX inside Sonic-Pi or the external app again. I had -very stupidly- decided to take care of the external app first, then fix its relationship with Sonic-Pi when it is finished but now I see that Sonic-Pi works very differently than i had -very unqualifiedly- guessed. Apparently, SuperCollider handles all audio processing and also playback so it seems I have some work (and studying) to do with SuperCollider as well.

The question I was meaning to ask was, has the SuperCollider.exe that Sonic-Pi uses been “hacked” (I may be using it wrong) in any way? Or will I be facing problems if I work with the SuperCollider source code.

Thank you guys so much in advance.

As far as I’m aware, Sonic Pi just uses “vanilla” Supercollider, so I don’t think you should have any problems in that sense.

I’m not sure if they meet your needs, but note that there are already ways to get external audio into Sonic Pi (look at the sound_in / sound_in_stereo synths, and the live_audio command); if suitable, this would be much simpler than modifying and recompiling SuperCollider.

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