Wondered about writing your own synths in SuperCollider for use in Sonic Pi?

Its here! a step-by-step manual that takes you through writing and adding SuperCollider synths to Sonic Pi.

I would love to get reviews from both developers with deep knowledge of Sonic Pi (to fix my technical errors) and people who have never written a SuperCollider synth before (to check that it works as a step-by-step manual)


Very timely. I was just about to start the process of porting some SC synths I’ve done, so this should be a big help.

Where do you want feedback? On this forum?

The manual is all in Git - probably better to just comment there. Pull Requests particularly welcome :wink:

Also if you fancy you could add your synths to the manual for other people to use - as long as you write comments in them that conform to the markdown that the Literate Code Reader script compiles they can be added direct as .scd pages :wink: