Some questions for windows version

I’ve installed version 3.1 with win 7, my opinion is that with the midi management and the possibility to interact with soft synth and hardware synth and also live_audio , it was taken a very big step forward, thanks to Sam and the whole team of sonic pi.

I 've noticed some things :

the “piano” synth does not sound from the speaker , perhaps if it was used as a synthesis engine supercollider 3.9 , do you need to recompile the plugin?

it is possible to play chords and arpeggios with midi ?


Hi @fractalmind,

great that you are starting to see the possibilities of MIDI, OSC and live_audio on Windows. I’m really excited to see what people will do with it.

It’s odd that you don’t hear the piano synth. Could you share what code you’re trying to run? I tried this on my Windows machine:

synth :piano, note: :e3, amp: 3

Does this not work for you?

Also, the midi functions only work with single notes, however you can send multiple calls to midi based off working through a list of notes:

(chord :e3, :minor).each do |n|
  midi n

Does this help? :slight_smile:

I’ve been able to reproduce this locally - it appears that the extra ugens in SuperCollider 3.9 don’t work with Windows 7. I’ll see if I can get this fixed. Until then, apologies.

I’ve raised an issue with the SuperCollider team about this:

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Thanks for the reply

my laptop has in dual boot windows 7 professional 64 bit , and win 10 home 64 bit .
Just now I have installed sonic pi 3.1 also on win 10 (this way I have the possibility to test sonic pi with both operating systems) , I confirm that even in win 10 the piano synth does not sound.

I hate to complicate things for you Sam., but I guess the more info the better?

I’ve just installed 3.1 (over the top of my previous 2.11) on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit,
and the piano line plays perfectly.

btw thank you for the release… I’ve been trying so hard to be quiet and patient,
waiting for it.


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