You may need to download SP 3.2.1 beta-2 again

If you have recently downloaded the latest 3.2.1-beta-2 version of Sonic Pi from the Patreon Site, you may need to do it again. Although the displayed link was correct, inadvertently the actual link it connected to downloaded the beta-1 install.
Sam has corrected this now, but be careful in case the link is cached by your browser.
If you copy (not copy link) and paste the text into your browser and visually check it is the same as what is displayed, then you should get the correct version

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Thanks Robin,

indeed the link was wrong from the patreon post. Now it’s good.

So yes the piano volume is good now with the beta 2.

But i’m not fan at all of its new sounding… I prefer the previous one more realistic imho
Would it be possible to make two versions : piano (the previous sound) and piano_**** (i suggest piano_reverb_too_much :slight_smile: )

@nlb how does it sound different other than volume and which specific versions of sonic pi are you comparing?

See my reply in the other thread.

well i compare the 3.2 version built on ubuntu from sources and the 3.2.1 beta 2 on windows.
it’s difficult for me to describe a sound…it seems to me there is more “reverb”, i prefer the previous one but it’s up to you !