v3.3-BETA-3 now available on Patreon for Windows and macOS

I just made v3.3 BETA-3 release for Windows which has been rigorously tested by my 8 year old son Reuben. This means we now have v3.3-BETA-3 for both macOS and Windows for you to play with:


This new BETA contains many internal dependency updates. If you have been having booting errors with previous releases please do give this a go and let me know if it works (or doesn’t).

A core feature of this new beta is a new user config directory in ~/.sonic-pi/config which will let you configure your sound card settings as well as give you access to an experimental way of changing the GUI colour scheme (highly subject to change!). This is also the new home for the init.rb file.

New Sonic Pi Config Files

  • init.rb - This is a Sonic Pi code file which will be executed at boot time. This lets you put any code or function definitions which you’d like to be able to use in every Sonic Pi session.
  • audio-settings.toml - This is a toml file which lets you configure the behaviour of the SuperCollider scsynth audio server (which generates all audio). You can use this file to change audio cards, set buffer sizes and sample rates, etc.
  • colour-theme.properties - This is a properties file which lets you override colour themes. This is currently very experimental and is likely to significantly change.

Note, if you modify any of these files incorrectly, i.e. with the wrong syntax or in a way that Sonic Pi isn’t expecting it may cause booting issues. If you can’t boot Sonic Pi and have modified any of the config files, you might want to try removing the config files (Sonic Pi will automatically replace them with new empty ones) and try booting again.

This has been tested on Windows 10 and macOS 10.13 -> 11 (Big Sur). There is currently no direct support for new Macs containing Apple Silicon although this is planned (pending on dependency compatibility and me getting my hands on some new hardware).

Have a Happy Live Coding Holiday!