Sonic Pi v3.2-beta-9 for macOS available to download

Hi everyone,

I’ve just released v3.2-beta-9 over on Patreon for people to download and play with:

This has all the goodness of beta-8 (listed below for completeness) in addition to:

  • Support for macOS 10.13
  • live_audio now works correctly
  • High DPI layout changes (primarily for Windows, but will modify the layout slightly)
  • Missing documentation images are now back

v3.2 feature summary

  • New icons
  • High contrast mode for those with low vision
  • Support for screen readers
  • Uses latest SuperCollider, Ruby and Qt
  • Many, many, many translation improvements
  • Loads of nice fixes
  • Improves support for bluetooth headsets

Full changelog can be found here:

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Has anyone played with this yet? Any positive or negative experiences? Do things just work as you expected them to?

I’ve had a quick play with it and it works well so far. The only issue I’ve had (which I’ve also seen with earlier versions) is that if I leave it running while my laptop goes to sleep, afterwards sending/receiving OSC no longer works and I need to restart Sonic Pi. One time while doing this it failed to start, and I found a stray beam.smp process running, which I killed and then SP started fine.

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