Sonic Pi v3.2 pre-release available now

Hey everyone,

great news - Sonic Pi v3.2.0 is finally finished.

I’m making the release available on Patreon as a special early thank-you gift to all the wonderfully kind and generous people who support me there. Thank-you so much for your support. Without you v3.2 simply wouldn’t exist.

Without further ado, here’s the link:

v3.2.0 will be released publicly to download for free from on the 28th of Feb 2020.

v3.2.0 feature summary

  • New icons
  • New scopes
  • High contrast mode for those with low vision
  • Support for screen readers
  • Uses latest SuperCollider, Ruby, Erlang and Qt
  • Many, many, many translation improvements
  • Improves support for bluetooth headsets
  • High DPI layout changes (primarily for Windows, but will modify the layout slightly)
  • Lots of bug fixes

Full changelog can be found here: