Midi triggering GM sound on Windows?

Hello everybody!
I’m a newbye here, just start using Sonic Pi and looking forward to learn how to use it! Hope to get it, since I have no experience in program languages :grimacing: just used a very little PD in past.
Today I was trying MIDI and I think I have a little problem here, hope you can help.
I run SonicPi on windows 10 & 11, trying to send MIDI OUT messages to control external HW synth, via Behringer UMC204HD audio interface. I tried this code, very similar to what with help files

live_audio :microfreak

live_loop :prova do
midi (ring 63, 65, 67).tick
sleep 1

but I get audio also from another source, it seems to me like a GM source - the sound I get is like a piano.
is it possible? is there a way to solve this problem on SPi or should I look into windows system?
thank you very much for your help!

use_midi_defaults port: "your_device" will make sure the messages only go to your interface (it autocompletes.)

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thank you very much for your help @Davids-Music-Lab !! now it works!
I just inserted the name of my device I found in prefs in “your_devide” and the GM notes are gone.
:tada: :tada: :tada:

It should autocomplete after you type port: