Installing Sonic Pi 3.1.0 in CentOS 7

Hey guys!

I’ve been using Sonic Pi on my windows machine at home for a while, and I’ve become quite the fan. I would like to use it as part of my MSc project in sonification, however this will require installing on CentOS 7 linux.

Unfortunately, I’m not very experienced with Linux at all. I have tried (and failed!) the generic Linux approaches in the guide ( And have now drawn a blank as to how I can proceed.

I appreciate that Linux is not supported by Sonic Pi, but I’m hoping that someone with more experience may be able to help me out. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Similar problem here. Just got Linux (Debian(Q4OS)) going and can’t figure out how to update…??? Why is Linux not supported ?

A simple matter of time, effort and the funds to pay for it.

I am now supporting myself maintaining and developing Sonic Pi without any organisational backing. I therefore have to prioritise the very little resources I have and whilst supporting Linux with its many different distributions would be lovely, it’s a lot of work. I’m already struggling to maintain things well for Windows and macOS.

Please consider supporting further development on Patreon if you’d like to see more work like this happen:

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I’ve wanted to contribute a tidy sum, but can’t commit to every month.
Is there a 1 time donation button ?
Did you loose (give up?) your teaching job?