Choir singing and Coding?

Hello, Everyone! My name is Priscilla Prueter and I am a choral conductor here in Brazil. In 2019 I was selected by Google to be part of the Google Innovators Program to develop a project on music education and technology. This made me get closer to programming languages and last year I started studying Java (Yes… python… I know!) hahaha. Long story…

Let me go straight to the point:

I guess an approach with choir singing and computational thinking, for example, could be interesting for schools with STEAM projects. I can create rehearsals and coding sessions together, even if my students are unplugged! While we create codes, we can create music compositions, and we can discuss the similarities between both. We can solve problems, we need logic, we can decompose music and code, we can recognize patterns in music and in codes!

BUT I´m still learning how to code and a friend of mine told me about this project. So: Where I should start it?

Thank you in advance for any support you might give me!


Hi pri,

I’ll leave the techical answers to your question to others. I’d just like
to welcome you to the forums. Almost certainly someone here will
have answers to your questions, and be able to steer you towards
the right resources.



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Hi - welcome. I hope the study is going well!

The place I’d start is by looking at existing projects to see if there’s something you could adapt. Since the start of lockdowns around the world there was a (relative) explosion in interest for things like remote choir rehearsal technology. I’ll dump a few links here that might be of interest:

I’m sure there are a few more. In terms of approaches for combining these with Sonic Pi, the best bet is to work on sending midi messages between sites somehow. Alternatively with a loopback audio interface (something like Soundflower on a Mac) you should be able to send the audio from Sonic Pi over Zoom. You could (in theory) even take the audio from Zoom and use it within Sonic Pi for sampling, looping adding effects etc. Have a look at the live_audio function in the Sonic Pi docs.

I hope that’s a useful starter. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you, Eli! I hope I´ll be able to learn how to code and in the future, maybe, I´ll be part of a music project!

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Thank you so much, Xavier! I never heard about Singerhood! It looks amazing! Thank you!