New study/performance group?


Anyone interested in getting together to learn and jam some noises to one another?
I’m just starting to build songs from beeps :slight_smile:

Hey - I’d be interested in trying! I’m not sure how exactly we’d “play” together, but I would definitely like to connect with some folks.

I don’t have a ton of knowledge of either music or coding, but I’ve been making decent progress.

Do you know either topic well? What kind of music do you play/want to play?

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I’m just getting started, right now i’m using the songs from “tetris effect” for inspiration, they are pretty squared and simple, but nice
like this:

Awesome sounds!

I’m open to hearing any ideas you have about how to make a study group. I have recently been toying with the idea of doing some “round robin” style stuff. Building a song between multiple people, part by part, and maybe taking turns modifying the composition back and forth.

Let me know if there’s a way for us to collab!

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That sounds great!
I was thinking there is already sharing and simulteneous editing in VSCode and JetBrains tooling, we could use that…

I’ve used datalore a bit and am not familiar with VS Code. Happy to learn new stuff! Take your pick, and I’ll start digging around the docs to familiarize myself.

Also took a look at the github repo - I’d be more than happy to show you a handful of things!

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Thanks, that would be really nice!
For the collective practice, one way to go would be creating an AWS workspace to run sonic pi and stream from there, meanwhile we can edit the code collectivelly using VSCode Live Share anytime and listen on a stream.
Also could set a regular “office hours” jam so people get a change to play together…

I’d love to help make that happen. I was poking around in AWS a bit so have extremely basic familiarity with the panel. Ultimately, a lot of what you’re suggesting is beyond my current knowledge base, but if you wanted give me a few specific things to try and get started on, I’m confident I could be useful.

Maybe we blog / stream our working sessions along the way so others can learn along with us? Just an idea, I know that’s a fair amount of extra work, but seems very fitting with the conference theme and I’d consider it worth the effort.

I’m in the US on Central time – I assume you’re in Europe due to the conference? I could find a couple of hours of time on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

I’ll start by familiarizing myself with vscode and go through the repo in more detail this weekend. Let me know if there’s specific topics it’d be best for me to put some work into.

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No worries with the AWS part, i worked there for a few years, will setup a workspace and stream it for a simple start.
I’m not familiar with deeper integration hooks into sonicpi engine/server, but should be posible to integrate SonicPI with Amazon IVS for some cool experiences.
I’m also finishing the conference workshop, should have an update here soon.
And thanks for the support, i’m learning a lot, feeling “unstuck” already :slight_smile: