Translating music or live coding?


Just wondering what teachers think of this? I find many students like to use SP to take a song they like and “translate” it so that it’s played with SP.

I myself prefer that they do something original and emphasize the live coding aspect: changing beats, synths, bringing loops in and out, etc.

But I’m wondering if I’m missing something important in what students want to do. Context is that I teach computer science, not music. So I want them to learn to CODE.

Any thoughts from other teachers? TIA!



I would lead by example and show something cool you can only do with loops and randomness. Like Sam’s “Haunting Bell” example. Then use that as a starting point to talk about loops and randomness (I find that one supports the other quite nicely). Show them how a lot of songs repeat the same beat / lead a lot, and how it’s more effective to simplify it into loops.

On the other hand, if the students are exploring all of these concepts and they’re having a blast translating songs, let them. Learning is much more rewarding when they’re playing around on their own. Show them cool stuff, but let them explore on their own.

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