Teaching in a Sonic.pi class

Hi all,
I am a music teacher in Italy (my students are 11-13 years old). This year I had the wonderful opportunity to teach in a Sonic.pi workshop: once a week, from January to May.
I am grateful to @mrbombmusic for sharing his experience in his 2018 thread: still very useful! :slight_smile:
I summarize my teaching experience in a blog post (in Italian), in order to promote Sonic.pi among Italian music educators.
I share with you a tool for teaching in an online setting. In our class, we shared our codes with Google Document, and we used the plugin Code Blocks to make code more readable (indentation and colors).
In the Google document, I could add suggestions and comments to students’ work. I eventually draw sketches and annotations directly on the page (with another Chrome extension, Web Paint). Here is an example.

I also share with you a short video of a live-coding session.
In this session, two students cooperate at the same piece. The two codes were previously written and stored in different buffers.
After one minute, the second student follows the first and sits at the laptop.
Tha’s all.
All suggestions are welcome!


@Prof1220 This is awesome. Thank you for sharing. I am so glad that those posts are helpful to others teaching Sonic Pi. Its great to see that you also are using Google docs as a way to share and comment on code. I like the use the Web Paint extension. I will have to take a look at that.

Thank you for sharing.

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