Sonic Pi and Hydra in the classroom

Hi all,
I am glad to show you the final video of one year of teaching Sonic Pi and Hydra in a middle School in Italy (Zola Predosa, near Bologna). Students are 12 to 14 years old. Here, on one laptop two kids change their codes in Sonic Pi, while a dancer improvise listening to music and two kids on another laptop work on the camera video signal with Hydra.

Cheers, Leo


Hi, Prof1220,

Congratulations on the initiative. Sonic pi is fantastic for making music with students. I am a musician / music teacher in a music school in Tenerife (Canary Island, Spain) and I have opened a classroom of electronic media where the main resource is sonic pi, for now the results are not brilliant but I think that improving the methodology we will get to incredible places. Thanks for sharing and I am glad to know that this is done in other parts of the world.

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Thank you Manolo, I’m glad thank you like it :smiley:
Keep in touch for any exchange of resources, activities and the like.
Hasta luego,

Hello, congratulations. My name is Cristián, I live in Argentina, and i like what you and your students did. It is a very interesting mixture of programming, arts and expression. I think is one of this classroom activities that your students will remember for years.

Your experience is a great inspiration. I work teaching teachers about how to do significative activities in computer sciences and how we can teach this topics. I try to share the concept of “computational participation”, and your project is very interesting in this way. Students not only program, they did it in order to express and share with others.

Abrazos y gracias.