Youtube tutorials and reference materials from remote teaching

While having to teach remotely over the last few months, I made over 20 video lessons covering a variety of topics about Sonic Pi as well as accompanying reference sheets and project checklists. These were made for 6th and 7th grade students so the intention was to make the material presented in a way a 10 year old could understand :wink: I wanted to make them available to the public so others can use them to learn or teachers can use or adapt them for teaching their own classes.

I separated them into two different youtube playlists. I also create a document with links to all videos, reference sheets and checklists for the accompanying assignments.

Introduction to Sonic PI:
Reference materials:

Intermediate Sonic Pi:
Reference material:

The intermediate playlist uses live loops, but I did not include anything about live coding. I just used it as a way to have multiple parts of code playing together at the same time.

Feel free to use and adapt them as needed. Iā€™m happy to answer any questions about these lessons or the experience of teaching Sonic Pi remotely.


Awesome! Thank you for sharing!!

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Hello @mrbombmusic,

Thanks to share these tutorials and allow young people to start with sonic pi.

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