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A list of free lesson plans, worksheets, tutorials, videos and other online resources to help you in your Sonic Pi adventure!

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My favourite resource is the Mehackit site. They’ve done an incredible job making things fun yet still packed full of important stuff to learn:


Looks brilliant, thanks Sam.

Great job, thanks Sam.

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Popular lesson plans/worksheets:

Further reading:


very impressive! I’ll be recommending this to teachers and students…


Sam - I hope you don’t mind - I moved your list of resources to the top post and converted it to a wiki. It seems like a great resource that we can all maintain.


Useful resources. In addition, we probably all build some of our own based on specific needs. For instance, put together a bunch of example scripts in a Markdown document, in French, for a presentation in a college course. Did other presentations for workshops. @Martin has at least one video presentation, somewhere, which shows a lot of what you can do with Sonic Pi.
Something which interests me a lot is how people conduct classroom activities around SPi. In my experience, guiding people through the embedded tutorial, answering contextual questions and providing personalized advice has been quite effective. Especially with younger learners. Adult learners may need a bit more guidance, as they have to go over the hurdle of what they already think about music on computers. Several of them keep wanting to compare with other approaches instead of just playing with the code and having fun with it. Giving them a very clear orientation may help, especially if they perceive the uniqueness of the approach.

Apart of the embedded tutorial, are there resources which have been updated to the full I/O we now have? Didn’t yet get an opportunity to use SP3 in a workshop but my sense is that it’s a real game changer. Getting people to create a simple synth and play with a controller is a much easier way to get some people involved than following instructions.

The built-in tutorial is the only resource I’m aware that has been written specifically for v3 at this time.

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Here are slides from some Year 8 lessons I did a couple of years ago, introducing coding using Sonic Pi, including a discussion of the ethics of using samples such as the Amen Break:


Love this intro! Would you mind another teacher using/mashing it up?

Bob Irving
Porter-Gaud School
Charleston, SC

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Please do! I took ideas from all over for this intro.


Thanks a lot for the links. I’m starting to learn to use Sonic Pi and this will help a lot!

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I start teaching Sonic Pi in my coding/design “makerspace” class this semester. This’ll be a great resource. Thanks!

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Hey Sam, not sure if you’ve been to recently, but it is not what you think it is…

well seen ! yes this is the cycle of life of websites…
what was this website before ? who has sources ?

This is the last snapshot of the correct website available on

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Here’s my article in Dutch Linux Magazine