What advice would you give to Sonic Pi kids teacher?

I am about to start a series of Sonic Pi workshops for kids in Cairo for the first time and I’m very excited to bring this brilliant instrument to the Arab world. So, I need your help to make the teaching process very interesting and constructive for kids.
I need tips and resources for teaching process, class setting, and class required tools.


Have a look at the mehackit course



What Robin said x1000

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Hi @AhmadMRagab,

I’d be very curious to know how is your experience teaching Sonic Pi in Cairo going?
I also gave my first Sonic Pi workshops to teenagers last year and I just recently documented my process in a blog post, feel free to have a read if you’re curious…

How We Put Together Nazareth’s First Sonic Pi Summer Camp

In the article, I talk a lot about the challenges we encountered and what we could’ve done differently in retrospect. I also give links to some workshops I wrote and did with the kids.

I would love to hear about your experience and the challenges that you faced if any. What was the age range of the kids in your class? I’m also curious to know if ended up using the mehackit material (which is excellent) and how it worked for you?

Also, I would highly recommend the free MagPi Essentials book Code Music with Sonic Pi, written by Sam Aaron. Fabulous resource!

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