Hello from Italy

I’m Marco and I teach in the degrees of Electronic Music at two Conservatories in Italy. In addition to this, I’m passionate about education through technology and art, so I’m using Sonic PI in many labs with kids and teenagers. I find that Sonic PI is a powerful and amazing environment for educating young people to coding, music and digital sound as I’ve always had a positive feedback from the labs I’ve led.

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Hi Marco! Welcome to the forum!

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Hi Marco,

welcome to our community!

It’s really great to hear that your’e already using Sonic Pi in your labs! If you have any feedback about what might make your work a little easier or common questions that the students have, then that would be very useful. I’m always looking to improve Sonic Pi for educators.

Happy live coding!

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Hi Sam and thank you for your welcome and, first of all, for your valuable work.
I’m very committed about education in the fields of coding and arts and specifically music.
Here I posted a first question about the possibility of running different attendees’ sketches on a single audio station. I think it would be a valuable improvement for Sonic Pi in educational environments.