Hello from Italy!

Hello, my name is Patrick, from Italy. I’ve being following Sam Aaron’s creature since it’s first public release, but I didn’t do much with it, being too busy with day to day ruby programming (well… Rails actually), and exploring the world of electronic music composition mostly with Supercollider, though It’s quite some time I don’t play with it either (this time the culprit are Elixir and its Phoenix framework which I choose to use in place of Rails for most of the projects lately)
The circle has closed nicely when I learned about the Erlang/Supercollider soul of SonicPi (thanks to a sweet talk by Joe Armstrong) upon which lays a delightful Ruby syntax and the more pleasant music-composing syntactic sugar of SonicPi itself.
Now I’m thinking of using SonicPi to offer free online coding class to children (roughly 8 to 12 ) to offer them something beautiful to cope with the closing of schools in my country, that I hope will not open again until September at least, for most obvious reason I’m sure all can understand. So I found this forum and I will start lurking and learning as much as I can, also I hope to contribute when I’ll feel ready to offer some help or just my learning experience. So hello everyone!


Welcome Patrick!

I have taught music classes for 12-13 year olds using Sonic Pi for a few years now. Let me know if I can be of any help if you wind up doing your coding classes.

Thank you very much, your experience will be greatly appreciated. I’m waiting to get some feedback from families, but I suspect it will take some time. People is getting more and more scared at the moment in Italy, and I will wait for them all to accept and embrace the incoming and hopefully temporary new habits also concerning education. I’m convinced that Sonic Pi is an invaluable creative tool with lot of educational potential. You will hear from me for sure. Thank you again!

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Ciao Patrick. Italy here too. I’d also like to teach classes to children that are in that age group. I have started juggling with Sonic Pi throughout this month. Let’s see what comes out of it. Are you satisfied with the progress you’re making? I would be pleased to know about it.
Good luck with your goals and take care during these challenging times!

P.S.: I was tempted to put a curse, a bestemmione, to give you instant confirmation that I’m Italian, but that would be too inappropriate, eheh.

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