Sonic Pi in international ERASMUS+ project

I ran a coding workshop for 46 students from 4 countries from 17 to 20 April. They were teenagers aged 11 to 15 from Poland, Turkey, Italy and Bulgaria. I taught them the basics of sound coding. On the last day we played a concert with their songs and together we sang “Are you sleeping” in the canon (in our languages) of the melody we created in Sonic Pi. Some students immediately downloaded the program at home and show me the next songs they created after school. I also run the Coding Club at my school in Poland, where students aged 10-13 learn coding in Sonic Pi.
Sam Aaron - thank you for creating a great coding learning tool! We had a lot of fun and a great end result! I hope that my little workshops will contribute to popularizing your awesome program around the world :slight_smile:
Best wishes,
Kacper Zyzek, IT teacher


Wow, that’s wonderful to hear! Thank-you so much for spreading the joy of creative coding with Sonic pi and for sharing your story with us here.

Huge hugs :slight_smile:

nice! I have the same experience. Kids are in love with computer programming music. IDEAL for musical education.
do you have some audio?