Cristián from Argentina using Sonic Pi to teach about Programming didactics

Hello, I am Cristián, I am chilean and I live in Argentina. I used Sonic Pi for the fist time back in 2018 at some schools at Córdoba, Argentina. Because some public schools got some Kano kits with different software. Sonic Pi was one of the programs available and I worked showing basic instructions to teachers like “play” and “sleep”, and making some workshops for children experimenting with sounds.

This year 2021 me (I have a master degree in Communication and Education) and a Computer Scientist called Eduardo, made a workshop for teachers at Jadicc Argentine Conference on Computer Science Didactics, and share with a group of teachers some examples to work with Sonic Pi at schools. They use the “Happy Birthday” song to fill some lines of code to complete it. And we present an activity where teachers experiment with live coding.

Then, I gave a workshop to an on line community about free software and education called Clementina. Video in spanish:

I love music too. So I play every week with live coding just to have fun. I will make my first performance at a friend’s party in January 2021. A little bit nervous and very exited about it.

Love and music for everyone.


Hi Cristian and welcome to in_thread. It sounds like you have had a lot of fun with Sonic Pi and the pupils you teach.
The things you are doing sound great. Hope your performance in January goes well.

Thank you very much @robin.newman
I will be reading and sharing about Sonic Pi.
It would be great to get in contact with teachers, researchers and musicians around the world.