Introduction - Laurent Castledine

Hi All,

Very pleased to join all of you, Sonic Pi enthusiasts and thanks Sam for pointing out this forum to me but moreover for allowing me to join coding with music!
I have always regretted not having learnt a musical instrument as a child and put off remedying it until I started to tinker with SP, so I’ve now started the piano.
I have all 3 RPis of model B mostly used for practising network & sys admin bits like NAS, DNS, firewall, etc configs. I’m impressed by the inbuilt tutorial which I gulped :slight_smile: on most apps the help sections don’t help and all the more that it’s in Ruby. I’ve followed the ressources on this site and on the lookout for more…
I’m a teacher assistant and look after the computer systems in a secondary school on the French Riviera.
I’m planning on Sonic Pi workshops in 3 weeks time, these are more oriented towards an introduction to coding than music which I’ve not studied up until now!
It’s a new challenge for me to teach, it’s amazing and vast and I hope for the children so we’ll start small.
I’ve planned to use these resources for the first lessons:
I like the method to introduce execution & control.
I’ve tried to transcribe a few lines of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik but I’ve a tempo issue so I’ll be posting a topic on that.

PS a tweet to introduce the workshop


Sois le bienvenu, Laurent!

Nice! :wink:

Teaching can really be a fabulous experience. And it sounds like you have the right attitude. One of the main things to keep in mind is that you don’t have to “cover material”. Learners just need to understand it. If you’re able to get them past a few obstacles, they will do the learning on their own.