Sonic Pi in classrooms

Hi People, i am quite interested to listen from experienced teachers how are going their class on “Programming music”.
i am a 45 years old programmer and teacher in programming and media production, using open source and free apps (on Ubuntu and Win10). I love playing and composing music, from experimental to modern electronic music. i am very curious how you are teaching with Sonic Pi.

i have teached people (kids and adults) to python programming (music and graphic) as well as other code types (JS, C++ audio plugin…), i just feel that Sonic pi can be a very interesting tools to stay concentrate on sound.

Anyway, from a couple of hours, i have a very good time using it.

i may have a question, regarding the features opened to all, i have read somewhere that some users have access to complete list of features, is that correct ?
can we (teachers/trainers) have access to that complete release ? how to access it ?
(at this time, we are using 3.3.1)

Thanks for creating that community, after reading some post, it looks awesome :slight_smile:
bye, have a nice day to all

Hello Uriel! Welcome!

If you mean ‘are there features in normal releases of Sonic Pi that are limited to certain people with exclusive access’ (like Patreon supporter only features) - then as far as I know, (and someone else is free to correct me if I’ve forgotten something), we don’t currently have exclusive access features in Sonic Pi.

There may be extra features in beta versions (that also may be in an experimental and potentially unstable state) - and packaged beta apps are usually exclusively available to Patreon supporters. (Otherwise you still have the option of compiling your own build from the source code).

As for the list of features that may be in the latest betas, (as well as the other features introduced as Sonic Pi has grown) they are eventually listed on our changelog:

Does that help answer your questions? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes thank you Ethan,
yes i do understand, i didnt yet look at the code to compile, on the first look the repo seems to be well organized and documented… maybe next week. i am using VS19 and Qt too.

i do also understand about the “exclusive access” to new features in Beta release. I believe that every users has access to the same access when the release become official. that s fine. :slight_smile:

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Sure! If you do decide to try compiling it yourself, and run into any problems, feel free to open an issue ticket on GitHub :slightly_smiling_face:

hi Ethan,
well, compile is not an issue for our students or myself, as we are also developing audio vst plugins in c++ and we experienced most of the issues related to this kind of process… but… do you think is more complicated that that to compile Sonic Pi? i mean, for students in techno-programming courses…

My wish here is to know exactly where we can go and how far we can go with Sonic Pi, in terms of audio and music production, but also developing and contributing to SPi (generally, students want quickly to enter the app code (IDE in this case) and addons (synthdefs, samples packages, audio features and so on…)

i think you will see me a lot in the forum section :slight_smile: this is the most important for us as teachers and for the students of course :slight_smile:
have a nice day, bye

Not necessarily more complicated to compile Sonic Pi for people with some technical experience, no. Particularly since our build process has improved a lot over the last year or two :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve sent you a few details in a separate message :+1:

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Thx Ethan, have a nice day.
we will try to compile next week, and see how it goes :slight_smile:

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