Sonic-Pi user experience

After using the Sonic-Pi for some time, my experience is that the code editor of Sonic-Pi is a little incomplete in some aspects, such as folding/expanding, find/replace, etc., which is quite necessary in writing/reading Sonic-Pi codes, especially when you’re dealing with quantities of codes.

But anyway Sonic-Pi is definitely a creative and good product for those who want to code music! Thanks to the Sonic-Pi team!

@Todd - thanks for your feedback - we’re aware of these issues which are important for ‘power users’. However our limited resources have been directed towards our primary audience which is new programmers for which these features haven’t been overly necessary.

If we get more resources I’d love to add features such as find.

Also, please use the correct category. I’ve moved your post to a more appropriate place. Please consider supporting Sonic Pi’s development on patreon to get full access to these discussions as well as enabling me to work on features like this :slight_smile:

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