Feature Requests: Superficial things

Hello all,

Just want to say been loving playing around with sonic pi. But here are three superficial things that I wish Sonic Pi had built in.

  1. User code auto completion (like intellisense for user variables)
  2. Code folding
  3. Search bar in the help section

When it comes to the first thing it must be because I’m so use to VSCode or a IDE like intellij. While most of the stuff I do in sonic pi is short it would be super helpful if there was some kind of code suggestion for user defined variables and methods. Imagine how much faster writing your user variables would be in a live loop! I tend to make methods for my synths to keep the live loop less cluttered. Not sure if others do the same. But I still think many would enjoy this feature.

Code folding would be a blessing. I tend to fill a lot up in a single buffer. Various small functions and such. I sometimes split drums from my leads and bass but when you set up a bunch of stuff for example a drum machine you kind of don’t need to view your set up code again. And the live code tends to be playing with only a few live loops or methods. Would be nice to code fold stuff you are not messing with for faster navigation.

And lastly a search bar in the help section would be amazing! I often look up synths or some part of the lang and even though it’s alphabetized it sometimes feels like a chore to navigate the small text when you know what you want to look up.

Anyway thanks for reading and taking these suggestions into consideration. I greatly appreciate all the work and love put into Sonic Pi and I’m glad to have discovered it.