Find with ctrl-f


I’m used to hitting ctrl + f in various programs if i’m searching for something.
Might be a useful feature for Sonic Pi as well?

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this is true and it has been adressed already here:

and here:

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Yep, search would be lovely to have.

Unfortunately I’m spending all my cycles searching for more funding and polishing up v3 for Windows. I’d be very happy to support someone if they wanted to work on this before I get to it (which isn’t likely to be for a good while).

Yes, I thought so. I just wanted to note that I know, this is one item on the feature list.

Spoken aside and thus slightly offtopic: Pardon me, that I still would like to use sonic-pi.el within Emacs. It - or better Emacs - has several features, which will understandibly not be features of the Sonic Pi editor for some time due to a lack of developer resources (such as projectile, search, a nice interface for snippets among the fact that I like working with Emacs). But unfortunately I have some issues with it and my knowledge of lisp is so poor and time to learn so short, that I do not have the chance to resolve this on my own. Also osc.el does seem to lack some vocabulary to support the wonderful midi capabilities of Sonic Pi 3.x. If someone knows something about that or has an idea I’d be grateful for a hint.

@Martin - sorry, despite being a heavy Emacs user myself, I don’t use the Emacs bindings as I’m a firm believer of ‘eating your own dogfood’.

However, it surprises me when you say that it stops you from using MIDI. Could you expand on this?

Yes, sure:

Hi Sam, Sorry to re-open this topic… after … 5 years…
where are we with the editor features like this search shortcut ?
we are using now the 3.3.1, and cant find this feature… i may have missed it somehow :slight_smile:

I’ll chip in for now since I’m around :slightly_smiling_face: You’re not missing anything - an editor search function is still yet to be built. We’d definitely be happy with having this kind of feature though…

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